I'm no gardener, but I actually managed to grow apples. Proud moment.

Yes! Incredibly, I planted the tree you see behind me in this photo and it actually produced two apples this year.

I was 6 years old and saw an episode of Blue Peter about planting trees. I decided to pot the next apple seed I found indoors, and surprised my family when it grew six inches seemingly overnight. From there it moved to the garden, and despite being re-located three times it has managed to grow to just over 9 feet tall. This year is the first that I've seen it give me... I'm really not an expert but I think they're Braeburn apples.

Definitely won't be joining a gardening club, watching Alan Titchmarsh or spending time AFK to sit with my tree any time soon. But it's cool to sit in the warm and know that outside my window is something I planted and it actually did more than just survive. Kudos mother nature.