Audio books: Audible (sort of) works on Ubuntu with Wine

I'm not finding time to read books at the moment. To try and maintain the amount of literature I used to read, I'm giving audio books a try. All my spare time (snippets of 5 or 10 minutes) is spent trying to keep up with blog posts and podcasts (video and audio) - last night I watched the latest episode on

As proof that (occasionally) podcast sponsorship works, I decided to check out

I had a small panic just after signup when the process took me to a page that requires the download of the AudibleManager, which is for Windows as an .exe or iTunes. Wine came to the rescue and seems to run the software perfectly.

Wine allows AudibleManager to see my Music directory as Z:\home\dan\Music. I had to search through the Ubuntu forums to figure out how to launch the perl script that triggers the Audible Download Manager. I saved the .pl file to my desktop, right clicked, "Open with Other Application", and used Browse to navigate to /home/dan/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Audible/Bin/AudibleDownloadHelper.exe

Now I've hit a snag because AudibleManager won't let me play my new audio book without authenticating. I try to sign in but it fails to connect to the server. I know Wine is able to access the internet because Spotify runs that way and streams music perfectly.

Any ideas?