That's better. Made some serious CSS changes.

I think this blog theme even works in IE. Shocking.

I need to do some tweaks to my Tumblr theme soon. The jump to Disqus 3.0 has created a huge gap in the middle of any Social Media Reactions, which is probably my fault as I've done a few tweaks to the Tumblr CSS. I really want to explore the new custom CSS options for Disqus, has anyone experimented and produced a good write up?

In other news, JournoTwit has tag clouds which you can click through to see the tweets behind the tags, effectively letting you drill down into your columns and searches. I was speaking to Spode earlier, and this is (for me at least) the most powerful and praise-worthy feature yet. Please give it a try as we're desperate for any feedback, especially about the user experience. There are more details on the ChangeBlog