Some thoughts on all this talk of "augmented reality"

"There's an app for that too."

Have you seen this interview that Scoble did?

The app is no where near as cool as the one Hermione has shot a twitvid of:

These are amazing. I don't think I'm alone on feeling this, but I really like this technology because I see it as completing the journey from sci-fi to reality. I've always wanted to have that digital overlay on my vision - like a Terminator, or Robocop, the Borg, a Transformer... whatever.

At the same time, I'm slightly fearful. I really think this technology will push the All-seeing Eye / Big Brother status that Google has to the next level. Just think about it for a minute - Google already has:
  • Android
  • Maps with StreetView
  • Latitude
Surely these position Google in an ideal position to dominate in this augmented reality space? At the moment developers seem to be focused on developing for the iPhone, but if Google push for convergence on their current lineup then we could be looking at an extremely powerful platform for augmented reality technology. I think it reaches the peak of all-powerful if Google is then able to take the data from all user views of this augmented reality and update StreetView in real-time.